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Following the flood event occurred on 25th November 2011 in the Liguria region (northern Italy), the GMG conducted different activities aimed at recognizing the residual risk, in collaboration with other researchers of the CNR IRPI. The field operations were focused on the areas that experienced the major damages: La Spezia and Massa Carrara provinces. Besides, a number of LiDAR surveys were conducted in the most damaged sectors, and a geomorphological map of the flood event was presented to the Institutions working in the emergency control.

The flooding event has been the first emergency operation in which the airborne LiDAR of the CNR IRPI was employed. The instrument is encased in an external portable pod and installable just in a few hours. The execution of a LiDAR survey represents an important data source both for the emergency control phase as an aid to the assessment of damage and phenomena still showing possible hazardous evolution, and as a support to the subsequent mitigation/recovering activities.