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Following the run aground off near the "Isola del Giglio" (Tuscany, Italy, January 13, 2012) of the cruise vessel "Costa Concordia", a monitoring system for handling the security of the SAR (Search and Rescue) operations and for the control of the ships' movements during the subsequent defueling phases has been progressively installed and improved.

In this scenario the GMG has installed, in collaboration with Leica Geosystems , a monitoring network based on two Robotic Total Stations (RTS) to measure movements and deformation of the emerged portion of the hull. The network is composed of 23 prisms installed on the ship, along with a reference points system for measurement compensation. The system works H24 operative and the availability of punctual tridimensional data with a high sampling frequency and high precision have made the network one of the key elements for the comprehension of the hull's movements.

For further support to the emergency situation the software 3DA was also used to handle the data of the two stations into a single reference system and to project into a tridimensional model all the movement data derived from the differential measurements of the prisms.